Aims, Ethos & Vision

We provide boys and girls aged 3 to 18 with an excellent standard of teaching and individual care, offering them a broad range of opportunities to develop every aspect of their potential. The Hereford Cathedral School culture produces well-balanced, confident and considerate young adults ready for the wider world.

Our Vision 2030

By the year 2030, we aim to be:

The leading independent school in the region thriving from Nursery to Sixth Form

A school of around 800 pupils with a healthy operating surplus enabling us to be competitive in resources and aspirations

Outstanding in developing virtuous character through a strong ethos and Christian values

Recognised as teaching a comprehensive, innovative and flexible 3-18 curriculum, with strong links to the University, that prepares pupils for life beyond school

Outstanding in teaching and learning with the school recognised as a beacon of teaching excellence, and a centre for teaching and leadership development

Using information technology effectively and appropriately to enhance the skills and experiences of our pupils and staff

Affordable so that we provide a transformational experience for children from a broad range of backgrounds

Running an outstanding international boarding house

Providing outstanding extra-curricular experience for pupils of all ages

Outstanding in pastoral support for the well-being of pupils and staff

Our Aims

We seek:

To meet pupils’ academic and personal needs and to promote the acquisition of moral values.

To provide an environment in which pupils feel valued and learn to work co-operatively in a community.

To provide a balanced, appropriate and challenging curriculum and a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities.

To encourage pupils to achieve their academic potential and to foster a climate in which teaching and learning of high quality are given central priority.

To ensure a high degree, within and outside the formal pastoral structure, of personal care, support and guidance.

To respond to pupils’ aspirations and to be attentive to those of parents, and to their views.

Our ethos

We place great value on maintaining close, constructive communication with parents and seek to establish the education of each pupil as a joint endeavour. While academic development of each pupil is a central objective of both the school and the parent body, we seek, through example and ethos, to prepare our pupils for life beyond school by developing certain qualities and values. These include: self-discipline, diligence, acceptance of responsibility and challenge, regard for proper authority, honesty, courtesy, fairness, trustworthiness, loyalty, sensitivity to the needs and views of others, courage, and the capacity to look to the future.

As part of an ancient Cathedral foundation, and as a Choir School, which has the privilege of a Cathedral as its chapel, we are a Christian School in the Anglican tradition, although we welcome and value those of other denominations and faiths. Each pupil is encouraged to consider seriously and openly the Christian tradition within which the School is founded.

Our aim is to fulfil our charitable status through service to the local community by support for Cathedral choristers, charitable fundraising, the loan of buildings, and other services to the community. Through competitive fee levels and the award of choristerships, scholarships, and bursaries, the pupil body reflects a wide cross-section of the local population.