Curriculum & Departments

School pupil

The Junior School curriculum is broad and challenging.

We consider the needs of all pupils in ensuring each child has a firm foundation in the core skills of English, Maths and Science. This is achieved through stimulating, engaging and creative teaching.

By introducing pupils to new cultures and ideas through our work in History, Geography, French, PSHE and Religious Education we encourage pupils to ask questions of the world around them, to respect and understand other people’s beliefs and to learn about their role in the wider community. It is also vital to develop and identify talents and interests in other areas of the curriculum whether it be in ICT, music, drama, art or sport. This is supplemented by a wide ranging programme of lunchtime and after school clubs which cover a variety of activities including craft, drama, cooking, rugby, creative writing, chess, science and Latin.

When pupils leave the Junior School we want them to be confident, independent, curious learners who are prepared for, and looking forward to, the challenges ahead.

Please see each of our curriculum outlines for more information.