Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Well-developed social skills and an understanding of feelings are so important to developing happy, confident children. In this area, we look at Making Relationships, Self Confidence & Self Awareness and Managing Feelings & Behaviour. 

Through a range of activities, we work with the children on developing their ability to play co-operatively, take turns and understand the need to take account of other people’s ideas, allowing them to show a growing sensitivity.

Every child's thoughts and ideas are valued at HCJS, and we enjoy recognising every success, however large or small. Our pupils we build exceptionally strong relationships with both adults and their peers around them. This of course also builds their confidence so they become happier to try new activities, explore and talk about their feelings and emotions.

At HCJS we do this through play, stories and discussions in whole class, group or individual depending on the situation. The role the staff play is key in this area of learning where we model for example, “fairness”, but we also encourage negotiation and compromise. Through a variety of activities inside and out of the classroom, we also encourage independence and problem solving without the need of an adult.

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