The weekly timetable of sport at HCS offers parity across sports and provides balance across the school week. You can view the current sports timetables here.

The aims of HCS Sport centre on our desire to facilitate outstanding sporting experiences for all pupils. In particular, we aim to offer appropriate support and challenge for each individual, so that they may enjoy sport and realise their own potential. We recognise that every pupil is different, and our aim is to get to know each one; their strengths and their weaknesses. At HCS, the profile of sport is as much about the care that we provide for each individual, as it is our team success.

We offer a range of sports including fencing, hockey, rugby, netball, football, rounders and cricket as well as badminton, equestrian, rowing and tennis. We also provide support to athletes who are involved in other sports outside school, to help them achieve their ambitions. We are deliberate in our alignment with national sporting pathways, to ensure that our aspiring young sportsmen and women have the very best chance to advance in their chosen sports. In this regard, a number of pupils are selected in county and regional sides each year, with some competing at a national level.

Pupils are encouraged to take advantage of the extensive and valuable opportunities on offer in sport. We ask pupils and parents to join us in recognising the benefits of representing the School, and of competition in general, whether the focus is on self-improvement of a personal best or on team success in a fixture. There is also a thriving House sport competition, which reflects and strengthens our inclusive approach to sport.

Our dedicated staff recognise the important role that a sport plays in the development of character and of the moral, social, emotional and spiritual values of our pupils. Whether a pupil is encouraged to venture out of their comfort zone or experience the camaraderie of a team, the engagement of body, mind and heart are integral to all sport programmes at the School.

We also encourage a lifelong commitment to a healthy lifestyle, promoting the physical and mental benefits of regular exercise. All years have a weekly games session (1.5hrs) during curricular time. In addition to games sessions, Years 7-9 receive an additional hour of Physical Education during the week, the syllabus of which not only underpins the sport programme in terms of physical literacy and fundamental movement quality, but also offers an element of variety in its practical content. Physical Education is also an option at GCSE and A Level, for those pupils with an academic interest in sport.