The alumni of Hereford Cathedral School

A Herefordian is a citizen of Hereford and since founding the Old Herefordians’ Club over 100 years ago, all former pupils of Hereford Cathedral School have been known as Old Herefordians (OH).

They form a large community spanning the United Kingdom and beyond, and can be found in a diverse range of professions. Indeed, it is not uncommon to bump into an OH in the most unexpected of places. OH are closely linked to the school, via the Old Herefordians' Club and the Hereford Cathedral School Development Office. Many OH choose to support the school in a number of ways including giving of their time to the school, career support and advice for Sixth Form pupils and donations to the Bursary Fund and legacy pledges.

Working together, the Development Office and the OH Club organise events and reunions, as well as producing an annual magazine and OH memorabilia for sale. They will also support career mentoring between alumni and offer a range of awards to support OH.

Old Herefordians’ History Room

Housed in Number One Castle Street, the Old Herefordians’ History Room is filled with records and artefacts about the school, its old boys and girls and former members of staff.

If you are an Old Herefordian and are not receiving your OH Magazine; would like to visit and/or have a tour of the school; suggest an event or reunion; find a long lost school friend or discuss how you can support the school, please contact either Mrs Claire Morgan-Jones or Mrs Helen Pearson at the Development Office on 01432 363590 or 01432 363566 or email

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