Bees on the Laurel Tree

Bees on the Laurel Tree - HCS Classics Play 2018

The year is 404 BC, scholars estimate. An Athenian Thinkery prepares for the biggest open day it has ever seen, having undergone a controversial and questionable rebranding. If the Thinkery wants to survive, the open day must be pulled off without a single hitch, but a secret danger lurks within the dark authorities of the school.

Will Mr Stanlipedes protect the Thinkery? Can Plebius Daleus find true love? Can the SLT dance? Find out the answers in July and find yourself in a comedy so good your ancient ancestors will laugh. Coming to the Powell Theatre on July 11, 13 and 14. Bee there or bee square.

“Mr Stanley cried laughing!”- Mrs Stanley

“Ha ha ha, I’m crying with laughter.” - Mr Stanley

“Nothing is better than this play, and this play is better than nothing.” - Mr Blyth

“This is exactly what I hoped my son would do with two years of fees.” - Mrs Graham

“We could quote anything at this point.” - Lewie G

Tickets will soon be available from Old Deanery reception (01432 363522) at £3 each.

Please note that Wednesday's performance has been moved to 4.30pm to avoid a clash with the World Cup semi-final.