Whole School Careers

Year 8

2014/15 - Year 8 participated in the pilot programme called 'Careers Investigator' devised by ISCO (Independent Schools Careers Organisation)
This has generated an individual report that has provided them with:
  • An introduction to the six career themes and the concept of a job family
  • A summary of the student’s interests results against the six career themes
  • A worksheet of the three top career themes.  Each worksheet includes at least four job families and example jobs within each family.
  • A comparison of the student’s interests, skills and values for each career theme provides the students with a useful insight into themselves and encourages personal exploration
  • Quick links to job summaries allow students to interact with the example jobs in their report and begin to learn more about the world of work.
Students can use the report to help consider career options and will have the opportunity to discuss their report with the Head of Careers and Higher Education.

Year 9

To help inform pre-GCSE decision making, Year 9 students will be using the on line resource PROBE in School.
For more information on this programme please go to:

They will also have a 'Making Choices' workshop delivered through ISCO (Independent Careers Organisation - to encourage them to consider their GCSE choices in the light of possible future plans for higher education or alternatives and potential career paths.

Year 10

Through PSHE sessions, Year 10 students have been logged onto the careers idea generator KUDOS.

This also provides them with direct links to on line resources supporting the transition from GCSE to A Levels and from A  Levels to Higher Education or alternative pathways.
For more information go to:

They are also introduced to recommended career websites: -

Year 11

Year 11 students are offered the option to take the Morrisby Profile psychometric test in the first term of Year 11; this is followed by an in depth feedback interview based on the individual report generated by the questionnaire. For more information on this go to:

All Year 11 students have a one to one careers/higher education interview in the first term of Year 11 that generates a Careers Action Plan as well as providing each student with resources to support the Individual Advice and Guidance (IAG) that is suggested during this interview.
They are also encouraged to use the 'Higher Ideas' computer programme available in school - an ideas generator that links specific A level subject choice combinations to higher education possibilities or alternative career pathways.


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