"The best thing about Maths is that we are building on the work at GCSE and being challenged to deepen our understanding of the subject."

George, Sixth Form Maths student

Maths & Further Maths

Why study this A Level subject?

The joy of reaching an answer and getting full marks (non-negotiable!), the angst experienced when a new concept doesn’t make sense and the excitement of finding a superior solution to that of your teacher.

The pragmatist would point out for how many careers maths is vital and how many admissions tutors hold the A Level in high regard. We believe maths is both useful and fun; if you share our view…study maths!

Topics of study at A Level

Algebra, calculus, trigonometry, statistics, mechanics and decision maths.

Opportunities beyond the classroom

The Abel Set (named after a Norwegian who had links with a cathedral school) meets at lunchtime and allows opportunity for off-syllabus discussion and investigation. We also enter pupils for the Senior Mathematical Challenge and take a team to the Senior Team Challenge competition.

What this subject might lead to

Any number of scientific, business or social science/humanities degrees…hopefully maths degrees. I would hope studying the subject leads to a lifelong curiosity and love of learning.

Suggested entrance requirement (if applicable)

A grade at GCSE (for entry to Mathematics A Level)

A* grade at GCSE and discussion with Head of Department (for entry to Further Mathematics)