Daily Routine


The Nursery               

Children may enter in the term following their 3rd birthday, with the exception of those whose birthday falls in the Autumn term.

The Pre-Prep              

Reception 4 to 5 
Year 1 5 to 6 
Year 2 6 to 7 

The Junior School       

Year 3 7 to 8 
Year 4 8 to 9 
Year 5 9 to 10 
Year 6 10 to 11 

Each year group is divided into forms (Year 3 to 6) or classes (Reception to Year 2). These are numbered according to their year group and the first letter of the form or class teacher's surname appears after the number (or 'R' for reception). For example, Mrs Lord's Year 2 class is known as 2L. All forms and classes are mixed ability groups and staff set differentiated work to suit the level of each of the children in the group. In Years 5 and 6, children are set for Maths and English.

In the Pre-Prep, children work for most of the time with their class teacher, with specialist teaching introduced for French, Music, ICT, PE, Games and Drama.

In Year 3, children work with their form tutor for a significant portion of the week but Years 3 and 4 are used to introduce a gradual change from class-based teaching to fully specialist teaching in Year 5. In Years 3-6, the form tutor is the main point of contact for children. Each form meets their tutor at the start of the day, with extended time on a Tuesday morning and a PSHE lesson once a week. The tutor should be the first point of call if there is a problem for either children or parents.


The entrances to the school are opened at 8.30am by the staff on duty. Children should not be left unattended before this time for their own safety.

Juniors arrive at 28 Castle Street between 8.30am and 8.40am and enter via the front lobby. They tidy their things away before going to their form rooms to prepare for the day ahead. Please do not bring children in through the main front door unless you need to speak with a member of staff.

Pre-Prep children enter The Moat via the gates on Castle Hill during the same period.


The school day begins with morning registration. Children are expected to be in their form rooms by 8.40am ready for the register to be taken. If a child misses registration, they will be marked absent until they sign in with the school secretary upon arrival at school. Afternoon registration is taken immediately after lunch.

If your child is absent from school, please inform the school office, either by phone or by using the online ‘reporting absence’ form on the school website. If you have not used the online form, please ensure that you send in a note explaining the reason for absence on the first day back. This allows the school to comply with legal registration requirements.

The general daily pattern is:

8.30am Entrance doors opened 
8.40am to 8.45am Registration 
8.45am Assembly 
9.15am Teaching begins 
10.25am Morning break 
10.45am Teaching resumes 
12noon Lunch 
1pm Teaching resumes 
2.10pm Afternoon break 
2.25pm Teaching resumes 
3.35pm Lessons end                 


If you are asking someone else to collect your children, please inform the school. Without proper notice, members of staff will not allow children to go home with anyone but known family members.

Pre-Prep children can be collected at 3.30pm from their class teacher in their classroom. Please enter via The Moat entrance on Castle Hill.  Children staying for activities can be collected from the front entrance on Castle Street.

Juniors are collected from the duty staff at the front entrance on Castle Street at 3.35pm or after activities. 

Late Pick Up 

There are times when parents are unable to collect children on time and there are arrangements in place to deal with emergencies of this kind. If a situation should arise which means that you are unable to collect by 4.00pm (or 15 minutes after the end of a club or return from a match if appropriate), we will of course try and contact you but in order to provide proper supervision for your child, we will take them to Phoenix and they will then be available for collection from the gate on Castle Hill. Normal Phoenix rates will apply.

Contacting the School out of Hours

The school has an emergency phone system. Please save routine enquiries for when the office is open (8.30am to 4.00pm). If you need to contact us in an emergency between 4.00pm and 5.30pm, please call 07515 053353 and a member of the senior management team will assist you.


For the safety of the children and for the sake of our relationships with our neighbours, please adhere to the following guidelines:

Please do not park on the ‘keep clear’ markings, across pavements/gateways or double park as this is both a danger to children and an inconvenience to other road users. The police are likely to issue a ticket if your car is left in the road unattended.

If it is easier for you to park away from the school, children in Year 5 and Year 6 may, with permission, walk from school alone.